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Heat Pump Mythbusting

Watch the video from our Air Source Heat Pump Mythbusting Training to learn more about how heat pumps really perform in the New England Climate.

September 1, 2019—The HeatSmart Arlington-Winchester and Belmont teams joined up to host an Air Source Heat Pump Mythbusting training at Arlington Town Hall. This lunch workshop targeted town officials and building professionals and aimed to dispel myths that persist around how suitable cold climate heat pumps are for New England homes.

Experts from Cadmus presented on their experiences supporting cold climate heat pump programs and performing in-field monitoring of cold climate heat pumps over two years and were joined by HeatSmart installers to answer questions from attendees.

Check out the video from the training below:

If you have more questions about how cold climate heat pumps can serve your home comfort and energy needs, reach out to the HeatSmart coach from your town.