WePowr supports communities in saving energy and achieving their clean energy goals. Search through the list below to see how WePowr is supporting other communities around the country.

The community is the main driver behind a successful clean energy purchasing program. Whether the community organizer behind the program is a local non-profit, government, regional government organization, or homeowners' association, WePowr can provide the community with the tools and expertise to implement a successful program.

Below is a list of the community programs currently being supported by WePowr. If you are interested in hosting a WePowr community or would like to see an organization in your area launch a WePowr community, reach out to us at

For Vendors and Contractors

Communities preparing to launch will also be listed here. All WePowr communities use a competitive RFP process in order to ensure that their participants are receiving the best services for the best prices. If you are a vendor or contractor and are interested in serving a WePowr community, please reach out to, and we will keep you in the loop if a community in your area will be issuing an RFP.