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Learn more about HeatSmart Melrose and the team organizing it.

HeatSmart Melrose is the latest community clean energy initiative to help residents and businesses save money on their energy bills while also reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Similar to the Solarize campaigns held in Melrose in 2012 and the 2012 and 2016 Melrose Energy Challenge campaigns supporting energy efficiency, HeatSmart is a grassroots program driven by a group of volunteer residents with support from the City.

Melrose has successfully implemented Solarize Mass for renewable electricity generation, bringing nearly a 400 kW of roof-top and ground mount solar photovoltaic (PV) generation to our communities during the campaigns and more in the following years.

HeatSmart Melrose is now focusing on clean heating and cooling because heating using fossil fuels currently accounts for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Melrose. Reducing this carbon pollution is necessary to meet the ambitious state and local targets for GHG reductions: Massachusetts has set a goal of 25% reduction below 1990 levels by 2020 and 80% by 2050; Melrose is working with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to identify robust strategies for local net-zero plans in the next year.

To help in this transition away from fossil fuel-based heating, HeatSmart Melrose is promoting: (1) cold climate air source heat pumps (ASHP), (2) ground source (or geothermal) heat pumps (GSHP), and (3) solar hot water.

After evaluating numerous proposals, the HeatSmart Melrose team selected: Achieve Renewable Energy (ground source heat pumps), New England Ductless (air source heat pumps), and New England Solar Hot Water (solar hot water).

Benefits of participating in the HeatSmart Melrose program include:

  • A transparent, discounted price
  • Qualified, experienced installers, competitively selected by a volunteer selection committee with support from home energy experts and the state's Clean Energy Center
  • A clear and process for participating in the program and accessing state and utility incentives and financing
  • Virtual educational workshops where you meet the installers and get your questions answered
  • The opportunity to talk with homeowners from your town who have already installed these clean heating and cooling options about their experiences

HeatSmart Melrose is part of the 2020 HeatSmart Mass Program supported by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

About the HeatSmart Team

HeatSmart Melrose is organized by volunteers from the two communities with support by the City's Sustainability Manager, Martha Grover. Our outreach efforts are being led by HeatSmart coach, Susan Murphy, who will help guide you through the HeatSmart Melrose process and give you the information you need to make the best decision for your home or business.

Please reach out to Susan if you have any questions or seek more information:



About the Installers


Achieve Renewable Energy, LLC is a Salem-based installer of ground source heat pumps (GSHP) and solar photovoltaics. Achieve has been providing careful GSHP design and skilled installation services to New England homes and businesses since 2008. Achieve is proud to supply American-made GSHPs from WaterFurnace, have achieved Waterfurnace GeoPro Master Dealer status, and be certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Assocation (IGSHPA). Our GSHP Staff has technical expertise in both Geology and HVAC Installation. Achieve thoroughly explains the variety of GSHP installation options so that our clients can pick a GSHP system that meets all their needs. We use our extensive knowledge of Federal/Massachusetts/Local GSHP incentives to assist our customers with incentive eligibility and applications. Our explanation of the financial incentives helps potential clients understand why GSHP is both a sound financial and environmental choice. Achieve Renewable Energy, LLC. is proud that our clients have been awarded over $1.26 million in MassCEC GSHP Grants as of May 2019.

Achieve served as the GSHP for HeatSmart Carlisle-Concord-Lincoln and is honored to have been selected to serve the residents and business of Marshfield. Achieve is committed to helping HeatSmart Marshfield to reach the greenhouse gas emissions reductions desired by the town and the Commonwealth. We look forward to offering more information about the most efficient heating and cooling technology available and helping residents make informed choices about their heating and cooling options.

New England Ductless is a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite and LG Excellence dealer who specializes in the installation of ductless and ducted air source heat pumps. Based in Milton Village, Massachusetts, we service the entire Commonwealth and work to increase efficiency through the use of high efficiency heating and cooling systems. Combining great service and expert installation, New England Ductless helps clients save on their utility costs while increasing the level of comfort in their home or business. New England Ductless also offers service and maintenance work to ensure the equipment installed lives up the reputation not only of New England Ductless, but also the Mitsubishi Electric & LG brands.

Despite our name, New England Ductless offers more than ductless heat pumps! The systems we offer include:

  • Wall-mount, floor-mount, and ceiling-mount units
  • Concealed “mini-duct” units
  • Traditional “central air” type ducted air handlers
  • Heating coils that work with your existing boiler
  • Heating coils that use electricity as a backup
  • Designer Series units

Why New England Ductless?

  • Professional experience from start to finish
  • 100% workspace cleanup
  • Complimentary system walkthrough on startup
  • 12-year Factory Warranty upgrade comes standard on all installations
  • 1-year New England Ductless warranty for all workmanship
  • Support a locally-owned business

New England Solar Hot Water, Inc. (NESHW) is a locally-owned company of 10 employees with warehouse facilities in Pembroke, MA. Founded in 2008 by President and Engineer Bruce Dike and his wife Liz Hiles, NESHW is the leading installer of solar hot water systems in Massachusetts with a large portfolio of over 500 residential-sized systems and dozens of larger commercial systems. As listed in the MassCEC database, NESHW has installed almost 50% of all systems in MA since the inception of the rebate program- accomplishing high market penetration by offering the best performing systems at excellent value.

NESHW is vertically integrated with all relevant disciplines in-house, including sales and marketing, engineering, plumbing and electrical, roofing, laborers, permitting, and customer service for rebate processing and HEAT loan financing. Solid relationships with suppliers allows NESHW to deliver the highest quality hardware at excellent price points. The installation crew is all OSHA 10 or better certified, and includes one of the few NABCEP certified solar thermal installers in the state. The experienced crew can install a standard system in one day, with virtually no disruption in hot water supply.

NESHW prides itself in designing the best system solution for customers. NESHW's unpressurized, glycol filled, “drain-back” solar systems are immune to overheating, freezing, and over pressurization. "Lifetime warranty" stainless steel tanks and drain-back style systems maximize longevity and minimize maintenance requirements. With proper maintenance, these robust systems will perform well for 20+ years.

Customer feedback has been excellent as demonstrated by the success of NESHW's primary marketing tool: referrals. With installations throughout the state, NESHW can easily provide references from satisfied customers.