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HeatSMART Melrose Presents: How to Use Your Heat Pump Efficiently (and Save Money!)

Join the HeatSMART team on January 27th for the webinar, "How to Use Your Heat Pump Efficiently (and Save Money!)


HeatSMART Melrose Presents: How to Use Your Heat Pump Efficiently (and Save Money!) on January 27.

Heat pumps are a great, safe, and energy-efficient heating source; they have the ability to keep you cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months.  It’s no wonder that heat pumps are increasingly popular in Melrose, with over a hundred systems being installed through the HeatSMART Melrose program alone. 

Heat pumps do operate differently from fossil fuel combustion or electric radiant heat; they are essentially like an air conditioner that can run in reverse. Rather than generating heat from burning fossil fuels, heat pumps take existing heat and move it from one location to another. This means households that have switched to heat pumps may need to change their thermostat settings and habits to have the most comfortable and lowest-cost operation. For example, heat pumps work most efficiently when thermostats are kept at a pretty consistent temperature, rather than using deep setbacks during the day and at night as is often done with conventional heating systems.

Interested in learning more?  HeatSMART/CoolSMART Melrose will be holding a webinar on Wednesday, January 27 at 7:00 pm featuring a presentation by HeatSMART’s technical consultant Jeremy Koo, advice from our HeatSMART installers Joe Wood at New England Ductless and Larry Lessard at Achieve Renewable Energy, and the opportunity to ask questions of the experts. Register by email to, or look for the link on our website at or the City of Melrose meeting portal at

HeatSMART/CoolSMART Melrose is a partnership between the City of Melrose, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to promote clean heating and cooling through a group purchasing model, with installers selected through a competitive procurement process. The program is currently wrapping up but our installers are keeping their special Melrose group pricing open for a limited time; if you are interested in participating and haven’t signed up yet please email or visit for more information.

Follow the zoom link here to join!