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The HeatSmart/CoolSmart Melrose Program Kicks-Off!

Join the HeatSmart/CoolSmart Melrose Team for our Kick-Off events!

HeatSmart/CoolSmart Melrose Program for Clean Heating and Cooling Launches Tuesday, May 19 at 7 pm

Melrose is presenting a webinar on Tuesday, May 19 at 7 pm to introduce the City’s new HeatSmart/CoolSmart program to promote clean heating and cooling technologies. Join in through the City’s meeting portal here.

Melrose is excited to have been selected to participate in the 2020 HeatSmart Mass Program, a community-based outreach and group purchasing program that will encourage the adoption of three clean heating and cooling technologies (1) air source heat pumps, (2) ground source heat pumps, and (3) solar hot water.  Heat pumps are highly efficient year-round climate control systems that provide AC in summer and heating in winter, with cold-climate models able to heat a whole house through the coldest Massachusetts winters.  Learn more about the technologies, or sign up for a free evaluation when installers are selected, on our website.

HeatSmart/CoolSmart Melrose is a partnership between the City of Melrose, the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.  It is modeled on the highly successful Solarize Massachusetts and Melrose Energy Challenge programs, which Melrose conducted in 2012 and 2016. The team managing the program for the City includes the City’s Sustainability Manager, Martha Grover, and designated HeatSmart Coach Susan Murphy, along with a team of volunteers.  Contact us at or sign up to participate here!

The HeatSmart program aims to increase community awareness and increase the adoption of residential and small-scale commercial clean heating and cooling installations through a group purchasing model. Each participating community works with MassCEC and its consultant to competitively select designated installer(s) to offer one or more of the clean heating and cooling technologies to interested residents and small businesses. Melrose will also receive grant funding to help publicize the program and technical support in providing information about the technologies and available incentive and financing opportunities.

To introduce the program, HeatSmart/CoolSmart Melrose is conducting a webinar on Tuesday, May 19 at 7 pm.  Jeremy Koo of Cadmus will present information about air source heat pumps (ducted and ductless), ground source heat pumps, and solar hot water. Residents who have installed the technologies will talk about their experience and answer questions. You can access the webinar from the City of Melrose meeting portal here

“Space heating and water heating historically account for about 85% of household energy use in Massachusetts,” explains Melrose HeatSmart Coach Susan Murphy, “and energy use for air conditioning is growing quickly.  The clean heating and cooling technologies we are promoting are energy-saving options for residents who have an old heating or cooling system, want to add/upgrade AC (even without ductwork), or are on expensive heating fuel.  And all these technologies rely on clean electric power and provide the opportunity to use renewable energy sources and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Learn more at our website  To submit questions before the webinar, email the city-sponsored HeatSmart Coach Susan Murphy at