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About HeatSmart CCL

About HeatSmart CCL


HeatSmart Carlisle/Concord/Lincoln (HeatSmart CCL) was a community-based, volunteer-lead, clean heating and cooling initiative to help residents and businesses lower their energy bills, improve comfort, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Similar to the Solarize campaigns held in Carlisle, Concord, and Lincoln since 2012, HeatSmart was a grassroots program driven by a group of volunteer Carlisle, Concord, and Lincoln residents.

Heating and cooling accounts for around 75% of the average Massachusetts home energy bill and roughly a third of all Massachusetts greenhouse gas emissions. HeatSmart CCL promoted three clean heating and cooling technologies, including (1) advanced air source heat pumps; (2) ground source (or geothermal) heat pumps; and (3) modern wood heating.

HeatSmart CCL offered:

  • Transparent, discounted pricing
  • Competitively-selected, highly-qualified installers
  • A clear, low-hassle process for participating in the program and accessing state or local rebates and financing
  • Events where residents could meet the installers, get questions answered, and learn more about HeatSmart CCL and clean heating and cooling technologies
  • Open houses with homeowners who have already installed clean heating and cooling

HeatSmart CCL was a win-win-win for everyone involved:

  • Residents and businesses got access to special, limited-time discounts on energy-saving clean heating and cooling technologies that enhance comfort year-round, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and lower energy costs.
  • The towns of Carlisle, Concord, and Lincoln reduce community greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to local and state goals
  • Installing clean heating and cooling supports the Massachusetts economy and can give you the opportunity to use locally-sourced and renewable fuels to heat your home, instead of sending 90% of your heating dollars out of state and overseas.

HeatSmart CCL was part of the HeatSmart Mass Pilot Program supported by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.

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About the HeatSmart Installers

Please note that because HeatSmart is closed, we are no longer doing direct referrals. Residents are welcome to contact our vetted installers individually.

Achieve Renewable Energy, LLC is a Salem-based installer of ground source heat pumps (GSHP) and solar photovoltaics. Achieve has been providing careful GSHP design and skilled installation services to New England homes and businesses since 2008. Achieve is proud to supply American-made GSHPs from WaterFurnace, have achieved Waterfurnace GeoPro Master Dealer status, and be certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Assocation (IGSHPA). Our GSHP Staff has technical expertise in both Geology and HVAC Installation. Achieve thoroughly explains the variety of GSHP installation options so that our clients can pick a GSHP system that meets all their needs. We use our extensive knowledge of Federal/Massachusetts/Local GSHP incentives to assist our customers with incentive eligibility and applications. Our explanation of the financial incentives helps potential clients understand why GSHP is both a sound financial and environmental choice.

Achieve is honored to have been selected at the Ground-source Heat Pump (GSHP) installer for HeatSmart CCL. Achieve is committed to helping HeatSmart CCL to reach the greenhouse gas emissions reductions desired by the towns of Carlisle-Concord-Lincoln and the Commonwealth. We look forward to offering more information about the most efficient heating and cooling technology available and helping residents make informed choices about their heating and cooling options.

New Day Energy has installed modern wood heating systems across Massachusetts since 2012. New Day's reputation is well-established as a provider of well-designed and crafted installations of the proper equipment along with excellent after care and annual service. New Day is a premier installer of Maine Energy Systems/OkoFEN modern wood heating systems, having received an award from Maine Energy Systems in 2013 for excellence in customer satisfaction and installation expertise and achieved Diamond-level status to receive priority access for manufacturer support.

New England Ductless is a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite dealer who specializes in the installation of ductless and hybrid ducted air source heat pumps. Based in Milton Village, Massachusetts, we service the entire Commonwealth and work to increase efficiency through the use of high efficiency heating and cooling systems. Combining great service and expert installation, New England Ductless helps clients save on their utility costs while increasing the level of comfort in their home or business. New England Ductless also offers service and maintenance work to ensure the equipment installed lives up the reputation not only of New England Ductless, but also the Mitsubishi Electric brand.

Despite our name, New England Ductless offers more than ductless heat pumps! The systems we offer include:

  • Wall-mount, floor-mount, and ceiling-mount unit
  • Concealed “mini-duct” units
  • Traditional “central air” type ducted air handlers
  • Heating coils that work with your existing boiler
  • Heating coils that use electricity as a backup
  • Designer Series units

Why New England Ductless?

  • Professional experience from start to finish
  • 100% workspace cleanup
  • Complimentary system walkthrough on startup
  • 12-year Diamond Dealer warranty upgrade comes standard on all installations
  • 1-year New England Ductless warranty for all workmanship
  • Support a locally-owned business

About the HeatSmart Team

HeatSmart CCL is being organized by volunteers across the community with support from the towns of Carlisle, Concord, and Lincoln.

HeatSmart CCL—endorsed by the Carlisle Board of Selectment—is the latest community clean energy program supported by the Town of Carlisle. Carlisle became a Massachusetts Green Community in 2011 and established the Carlisle Energy Task Force to support the implementation of Green Community efforts in the town. Carlisle participated in Solarize Mass in 2013, which was then followed by the Carlisle Solar Challenge in 2015-2016, a community solar campaign organized by the Carlisle Energy Task Force with support from the Town.
Concord's Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) is proud to be partnering with the Town's volunteer Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee (CSEC) on HeatSmart CCL. CMLP actively supports Concord’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals as adopted by the community in 2017. CMLP is transitioning to a non-emitting power supply, so that the electricity powering air- and ground-source heat pumps will be increasingly greenhouse gas-free. CMLP provides rebates to customers who purchase air- and ground-source heat pumps, and offers other renewable energy and efficiency rebates and services to help customers manage their energy costs and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
The Town of Lincoln is proud to support the HeatSmart CCL team. HeatSmart CCL is the latest community program involving Lincoln that has been developed and implemented in partnership with neighboring towns. Beyond the towns of Carlisle and Concord, Lincoln has worked with the towns of Sudbury and Wayland to participate in Solarize Mass in 2012 as well as one of the Commonwealth's first "Solarize Mass Plus" campaigns involving both solar PV and solar hot water. Additionally, Lincoln has been a Massachusetts Green Community since 2010 and hosted the Lincoln Home Energy Challenge in 2016-2017 to encourage Lincoln homeowners to conduct home energy assessments and implement recommended efficiency upgrades.