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Carlisle and Concord on a path to 100% renewable electricity

Carlisle and Concord residents will soon have the opportunity to use 100% renewable electricity for their homes (and heat pumps!)

Carlisle residents and businesses will soon be able to receive 100% renewable electricity through the electricity grid. While residents and businesses in the Commonwealth have had the opportunity to go green by switching to a 100% renewable electricity supplier (or installing solar on their rooftops), Carlisle's new "community choice aggregation program" will make it easier than ever: starting July 1, 2018, all Carlisle residents and businesses currently using Eversource's Basic Service will be switched to 100% renewable electricity provided by Public Power, LLC unless they opt out.

For Carlisle residents and businesses, this will make the electricity powering heat pumps with 100% renewable. What's more: the locked-in rate that Carlisle residents will be switched to in July is nearly 4% cheaper than the current Eversource basic supply rate! Learn more about Carlisle's CCA program here.

Concord's residents and businesses will also see their grid electricity become more and more renewable over the coming years. Thanks to goals established by a near-unanimous public vote in the spring of 2017, Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) is on the path to achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2030.

Speak with one of our HeatSmart CCL heat pump installers to learn more about how you can start heating and cooling your home with 100% carbon-free energy as early as this summer!

Posted by the HeatSmart CCL team on June 7, 2018.