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The WePowr platform and process uses lessons learned from successful clean energy purchasing programs around the country to provide expert support to community organizers. WePowr is already helping communities from Maine to Florida to achieve their clean energy goals.

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Clean Energy Reliable and affordable

Clean energy used to have a reputation for being expensive and unreliable. With advances in cleantech over the last decade, prices have dropped to the point that more home and business owners than ever can take advantage of these cutting-edge technologies and the savings they provide. With the help of WePowr, you can help bring costs down even more for your community.

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Simple Hassle-Free

Saving energy should be simple, but investing in clean energy can often be complicated for even the most dedicated home or business owner. WePowr takes the hassle out of installing clean energy technologies, providing communities with access to the WePowr platform and the comprehensive support needed to vet installers so that homes and businesses get the highest quality installations for the best price.

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Energy Savings Made Simple

Help members of your community save money on their energy bills. Work with WePowr to help them install clean, efficient technologies for heating, cooling, and electricity.

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How WePowr Works

Four hassle-free steps for community members to save money with high efficiency, renewable heating and cooling systems.

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