Saving money on your energy bill should be easy. But once you get in the thick of it trying to research the best options and evaluate confusing quotes from contractors, it becomes a huge hassle. Something that seemed to make so much sense and should have been straightforward becomes just another one of a hundred things you have to worry about.

WePowr does the work for you, making the energy savings simple and easy to obtain.

WePowr teams up with local community partners—from non-profit organizations to municipal and regional governments—to make the process straightforward and hassle free. Together, we identify the best, most efficient clean energy technology for home and business owners in the community. Then, we put our heads together with a group of experts to select the most qualified and experienced contractor who can not only offer the best price and quality of service to the community, but is willing to pass the time and money they will save in customer acquisition costs through the WePowr process onto community participants in the form of additional discounts.

The result: you can help your community to install a high efficiency clean energy system at an unbeatable price and enjoy home energy savings year after year.

Most of the work is done before people even join the community. WePowr helps communities with planning their programs in order to eliminate as much of the hassle as possible, making sure that program participants only have to follow these four easy steps:

It’s really as simple as that. Get in touch with us at if you have any more questions or if you are interested in hosting WePowr in your community.