What is WePowr?

WePowr provides communities with a comprehensive suite of services to help them organize and implement successful community-based group purchasing programs for renewable energy technologies. WePowr’s team of experts provide technical assistance to organizers across all stages of their campaigns, including access to state-of-the-art online tools for website development, a customer sign-up and management system, as well as marketing and educational materials that have been developed and refined through years of experience.


The “Solarize” purchasing program model was developed in 2009 as a grassroots effort to bring together community members interested in installing solar panels in order to make a collective informed decision and negotiate a volume discount. Since then, hundreds of communities from California to Georgia have successfully replicated the Solarize model, providing thousands of homeowners with the education and means to make an informed decision to go solar at a discounted price.

WePowr was designed by a team of experts who have supported dozens of Solarize campaigns around the country. WePowr builds on the best practices and lessons learned from Solarize campaigns to provide a comprehensive suite of services to support communities interested in organizing purchasing programs for not just solar PV panels, but also renewable heating and cooling technologies like air source heat pumps, wood pellet heating, and solar hot water.

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What can WePowr do for my community?

Everything about the WePowr program was designed around what we’ve learned from years of helping communities successfully go solar together. WePowr was launched with grant support from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources in order to develop a comprehensive suite of services to support communities who want to educate residents about renewable energy and reduce the hassle and price of installing renewable technologies in their homes and businesses.

When you get support from WePowr, we provide you with:

  • Technical assistance from day 1. We bring our knowledge of best practices and potential pitfalls to help you plan an effective campaign, issue an RFP, review proposals and select an installer, and get your campaign off the ground in a streamlined way that makes things easier for you and members of your community.
  • Full online infrastructure to run your campaign. We’ll help you write the content for your community campaign’s website and host it on our custom-designed web platform. This website provides not only a modern design tailored to the needs of community campaigns, but also a database and customer management system for collecting sign-ups to make communication between you and your chosen contractor(s) less of a hassle. Check out some of the campaigns we’re running right now
  • Marketing, educational, and administrative materials to support your campaign. Over the years of supporting communities in Solarize campaigns, we’ve developed outreach materials, educational articles, and model RFP documents to support your campaign efforts. We’ll work with you to tailor these to your local needs to maximize the impact of your campaign.

The support we offer runs through all stages of your campaign, from when you start planning your campaign to when you wrap up the campaign. And if you want to run another campaign for a different technology, we’ll help you debrief, make adjustments, and get going again.

Are you interested in bringing WePowr to your community?

Get in touch with us at questions@wepowr.com.