The cheaper, cleaner alternative to heating and cooling your home is here!

A group of local volunteers has teamed up with the towns of Bolton and Harvard to bring you HeatSmart Bolton Harvard, the latest local program to help Bolton and Harvard residents save on their energy bills while reducing their carbon footprints. HeatSmart Bolton Harvard is a simple way for homes and businesses to learn about and purchase high-efficiency air- and ground-source heat pumps at a special discounted price.

Think about it like the 2011 Solarize Harvard and 2016 Solarize Bolton campaigns, except for clean heating and cooling. Just like with Solarize, HeatSmart Bolton Harvard is supported by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Massachusetts Dept. of Energy Resources.

The HeatSmart Bolton Harvard team is pleased to announce that Boucher Energy Systems and Bill Wenzel Heating and AC have been selected out of eleven applicants to serve as the HeatSmart Bolton/Harvard installers. Sign up for a free site visit from one or both of our installers.

HeatSmart Bolton Harvard is now open for sign-ups as of February 26!

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact for more information.

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What is a heat pump?

Air and ground source heat pumps transfer heat in and out of buildings to provide heating and cooling in one system. They're not unlike air conditioners that can run in reverse and provide you heat from the air or ground—even when it's below -10°F outside!

As clean heating and cooling technologies, heat pumps can help you can save on your energy bill and improve the comfort of your home, all while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions!

Learn more about air source heat pumps

Learn more about ground source heat pumps


How much does a heat pump cost? What kind of rebates are available?

Pricing will vary depending on your home and your needs: the cheapest heat pump applications start at around $4,000 before rebates. Rebates from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Mass Save, as well as a new incentive from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources could cover up to 50% of the cost of your heat pump system!

Consultg our incentives and financing guide below for more information

Learn more about incentives and financing


What can I do to get ready to HeatSmart?

Get a free home energy audit!

As part of HeatSmart Bolton Harvard, MassCEC is piloting a new free "enhanced" home energy assessment exclusive to Bolton and Harvard residents. Not only will you learn more about how your home uses (and loses) energy just like in a standard Mass Save audit (and make you eligible for the 0% interest Mass Save HEAT Loan, thousands of dollars in rebates for additional home insulation, and MassCEC's Clean Heating and Cooling rebates), but you will also learn more about your home's heating load, how air and ground source heat pumps might work for your home, and how weatherization could improve the performance of a heat pump in your home.

This new, free audit will be performed by HomeWorks Energy and will be open to the first 100 Bolton and Harvard homeowners. The enhanced audit is still being finalized, but sign up below and HomeWorks will reach out to you when the audits are ready to be scheduled. Note: Bolton Eversource Gas customers are not eligible to participate in this program

Sign up for an enhanced audit here!

Are you an Eversource Gas customer in Bolton or just want to get a standard Mass Save audit?

Sign up for a standard Mass Save audit here

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