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Want to learn more about heat pumps and other renewable energy and energy saving measures? Check out the various resources we've compiled for your reference

If you haven't checked out the FAQs page first (and we're constantly updating it based on the questions you're asking us), we have a lot of information there about air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, and the types of incentives and financing you can receive.

  • Mass Save HEAT Loan lenders: A variety of HEAT Loan lenders serve Worcester County, each with different loan options/amounts and pre-approval options. Learn more here.
  • MassCEC Rebate Program Manuals: Want to learn more about how MassCEC’s rebates are determined? Check out the ASHP and GSHP program manuals to learn more.
  • More about the GSHP Tax Credit: In February 2018, the federal tax credit (available for solar PV and hot water systems) was reinstated for GSHPs, which had previously been eligible until end of 2016. This will give you an additional 30% off of the installed cost of your system, excluding any costs for modifying your ductwork. Learn more about it here and consult a tax professional to understand the implications for your tax liability.
  • Learn more about the Alternative Portfolio Standard (APS) and Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs): A new incentive program for heat pump systems launched at the start of 2018. Ask your installer for more information on whether your system will qualify—or check out this presentation from the Massachusetts Dept. of Energy Resources. If you really want to get into the weeds, the full regulations can be found here.
  • Tips for using a ductless heat pump: Already installed a ductless air source heat pump? Learn more about how to get the most out of your system with this tips sheet developed by MassCEC and Mass Save. Check out some of Mass Save's videos here.
  • More on clean heating and cooling: Heat pumps aren’t the only CH&C technology incentivized by the state. Learn more about modern wood heating and solar hot water here.

Other ways to conserve energy

HeatSmart Bolton Coach Tony Jagodnik has spent decades looking for ways to conserve energy. Check out some of the resources he's developed discussing other ways you could reduce your home energy usage below.