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Which of the rebate and financing programs are new construction projects eligible for?

There are a lot of incentive and financing programs available for heat pumps but most of them are for existing homes. Read on to learn more about which of these programs new construction projects are eligible for—and what special programs are available for incentivizing energy efficient new construction.

If you've been puzzling a bit over the wide range of incentives and financing options available to support the installation of an air or ground source heat pump system, you may be wondering whether they apply to all homes in Bolton and Harvard.

The short answer is yes...but only for existing homes. Some of these incentives are not available for new construction projects, but the good news is that there are actually additional programs available for new construction projects. This post will discuss which options are available to you—and introduce the Mass Save Residential New Construction Program.

What incentives are available to new construction projects?

MassCEC ASHP and GSHP Rebates. The MassCEC rebates for air and ground source heat pumps are available for new construction projects. Additionally, you do not need to complete a home energy assessment as a requirement for receiving this rebate.

Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs). Eligible ASHP and GSHP systems installed in new buildings can receive AECs. To be eligible for AECs, the system will in most cases need to serve as the only source of heat for the home.

30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (GSHP only). The federal ITC is available for new construction projects.

Mass Save programs. Mass Save has a number of programs that are only available for existing buildings, as well as other options for new construction projects.

  • Home Energy Assessments are not available for new construction projects and only rebates for heat pump water heaters are available.
  • Mass Save has a new Massachusetts Residential New Construction program, which provides incentives based on expected whole-home energy performance. These incentives are based on the energy savings (relative to a reference new home) calculated by a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rater. All heat pump technologies can indirectly receive incentives through the Residential New Construction Program as they are highly-efficient and will reduce your overall energy usage as part of your new home's HERS rating. If you are interested in enrolling your new home in the Residential New Construction Program, call 1-800-628-8413 to get pre-qualified for the program.

Will I be eligible for the Mass Save HEAT Loan?

No, the Mass Save HEAT Loan is only available for existing homes.

How are additions to existing buildings treated?

New additions to existing buildings are considered existing buildings for purposes of Mass Save programs (i.e. you have an existing utility account).

What about the HeatSmart discounted pricing?

Discounts offered through HeatSmart include discounts on equipment pricing—which will be honored by our participating installers—but other factors related to labor may change depending on the nature of your new construction project. There can be many factors that can drive down the cost of new construction jobs, but also other factors that could increase labor required, just as with existing buildings. Speak with one of our HeatSmart Bolton Harvard installers to learn more about your options and potential costs.

Posted by the HeatSmart Bolton/Harvard team on April 11, 2018.