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Thank you for your interest and participation in HeatSmart Great Barrington! As of August 31, 2018, HeatSmart Great Barrington is no longer accepting new signups.

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What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps transfer heat in and out of buildings to provide heating and cooling in one system. They're not unlike air conditioners that can run in reverse and collect heat from the outdoor air—even when it's below -10°F outside!

As a clean heating and cooling technology supported by state programs, cold climate-optimized, high-efficiency heat pumps can help you can save on your energy bill and improve the comfort of your home, all while reducing your greenhouse gas emissions!

More detailed information about air source heat pumps, as well as the specific models that will be offered by our selected installers, will be available soon.

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How much does a heat pump cost? What kind of rebates are available?

Pricing will vary depending on your home and your needs: the cheapest heat pump applications start at around $3,500-4,000 before rebates. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Mass Save offer thousands of dollars in rebates to help offset the cost of purchasing a heat pump system!

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