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Hear more about the experiences your neighbors have had with clean heating and cooling.

Clean heating and cooling technologies may be new to you, but they're all over homes and businesses in Concord, Carlisle, Lincoln, and throughout the Commonwealth! Read on for testimonials from Concord residents about heat pumps, as well as for videos developed by the HeatSmart Great Barrington team.

Concord Residents Report High Satisfaction with Heat Pumps

Homes all over Concord have already installed air and ground source heat pumps. Here is what some residents who already own heat pumps have to say:

"A Mitsubishi air-source heat pump was installed in my new house in 2011 as its sole heating and cooling source. I am very happy with it as it keeps my house comfortable, and it’s really quiet and unobtrusive. Maintenance is minimal. The newer heat pumps operate at temperatures down to -13° F, so that the system should keep you comfortable in all kinds of weather in New England. And, of course, the heat pump also provides air-conditioning in the summer. With solar panels on my roof, I stay comfortable while uploading electricity to the grid, so my air-conditioning is essentially free. It feels good to know that my heating and cooling needs are largely powered by renewables, and will be not be dependent of any fossil fuel sources when the CMLP power becomes fully renewable, as is promised in the near future."

–Janet Miller

"As an environmental science teacher at CCHS, my family and I purchased an energy efficient home in Concord Riverwalk. This allows me to walk the talk! Our heat pump has worked wonderfully to heat and cool our home throughout the year. HeatSmart is a wonderful opportunity to help Concord residents swap out their old heating systems for new, efficient heat pumps."

–Peter Nichol

"We have two separate ground source geothermal systems installed on our property on Hubbard Street: one for our main house, an 1880’s Victorian, and one for our carriage house/apartment. We heard that 'geothermal' might deliver the environmental impact we sought. We were extremely fortunate to discover Larry Lessard, a geologist with an M.S. in environmental sciences. Larry and his team, Achieve Renewable Energy...take care of the entire process from calculating the well depths, deciding on the right heat pump, installing and continue to maintain the system. Larry sticks by his clients and stays true to his estimates. And yes, we love our geothermal heat and AC. The air quality and temperature in our house is perfectly controlled all year. We were lucky in being able to take advantage of significant Federal tax rebates. In retrospect and in light of the reduced operating costs of geothermal, it has worked out quite well for us financially. For anyone considering a new build, renovation or alternative heat source, geothermal definitely should be considered."

–Bouhza Cookman and Bill Lehr

“My career is in environmental policy. When we had to replace our heating system about a decade ago, a ground source heat pump seemed like a good way to minimize our family’s carbon footprint. We have never regretted the decision. I haven’t thought much about its effect on home value, but as more and more people become aware of the economic impact of home heating systems and appliances, I definitely see our heat pump as a key value addition for our home.”

–Gary Kleiman

Testimonial Videos from HeatSmart Great Barrington

HeatSmart CCL is not alone: three other community-led campaigns are active across the Commonwealth, including HeatSmart Great Barrington. Check out some of the testimonial videos developed by the Great Barrington team below.

HeatSmart Great Barrington Testimonial 1.

HeatSmart Great Barrington Testimonial 2.

All testimonial videos developed by John Prusinski of Bear Mountain Group.