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Coming soon: cheaper, cleaner alternatives to heating and cooling your home or business!

The towns of Hudson and Stow have been selected to participate in the next round of HeatSmart Mass, the latest community clean energy initiative supported by the state and our respective town governments.

HeatSmart Hudson-Stow is a community-led effort promoting air and ground source (geothermal) heat pumps that can help our residents save money, conserve energy and be more comfortable year-round while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

HeatSmart Hudson-Stow will launch in April 2019 and run until the end of the year. Current, we are conducting a competitive vetting process to select quality installers for both technologies who will serve as our offical HeatSmart installers and offer discounted pricing and top-notch customer service to our residents and small businesses.

Questions? Want to get involved? Come meet us at one of our upcoming events or reach out our coaches Jeanette (for Hudson) and Sharon (for Stow) at info@HeatSmartHS.org.

Interested getting program updates or a free site visit from one of our installers once we launch? Feel free to leave your contact info in the sign-up block below, and we'll reach out with more information once we have it.


Get a no-cost Home Energy Assessment through Hudson Light and Power or Mass Save!

A home energy assessment can help you learn more about how your home uses (and loses) energy and can identify home energy improvements that can make you more comfortable, save you money, and improve the performance of a heat pump if you choose to install one.

If you receive gas service through Eversource, you can receive your assessment through Mass Save, the state's utility energy efficiency program. Any home insulation and air sealing improvements identified by your auditor will be eligible for rebates that will cover 75% or more of the total cost. Click here to sign up for your no-cost assessment.

If you do not have gas service, you can receive your assessment through Energy New England, which provides free assessments for Hudson Light and Power customers. Call the Hudson Light and Power Energy Hotline at 1-888-772-4242 to schedule your assessment.



Heat pumps efficiently move heat in and out of a building instead of burning fossil fuels to provide heat. HeatSmart Hudson-Stow is offering two types of heat pump systems that can provide both heating and cooling through the program: air source heat pumps, which use the outdoor air as a source of heat (like air conditioners that can also run in reverse to heat down to well below zero!) and ground source (or geothermal) heat pumps, which use heat from the sun captured in the ground as a source of heat.

Heat pumps can be lower-cost alternatives to fossil fuel-based heating that also offer cooling and home comfort benefits while reducing your carbon footprint.

Hudson Light and Power offers incentives in the form of account credits of $500 for both types of heat pumps. Stay tuned for more information on additional incentives that could be available to you.

Learn more about air source heat pumps

Learn more about ground source (geothermal) heat pumps

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HeatSmart Hudson-Stow is supported by the Towns of Hudson and Stow with support from Hudson Light and Power. HeatSmart Mass is made possible through support from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center and Department of Energy Resources. Learn more about the state's efforts to promote clean heating and cooling here.