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Want to know what your neighbors think of their new heating systems? Check out this page for their testimonials!

The Hudson-Stow HeatSmart program proceeds apace as it moves towards the final sign-up deadline of November 30th and contract signing deadline of January 15th.  Customers have let us know how happy they are with both the heat pumps and the installers. Here are a few quotes from satisfied customers:

“Just wanted to share my delight with the job that Boucher did for us.  Prompt, courteous, cheerful (in abysmal heat), efficient, tidy, and oh yes, great installation! The [mini-split] units are clean, ultra-quiet and the settings are highly customizable, so we don’t have to have cold air blowing directly on us.”
-Laura, Stow

"Our family is very happy with our HeatSmart project. We said goodbye to our old oil heating system and now warm our home with a hyperheat Mitsubishi heat pump. With some of the lowest rates in the state Hudson Light and Power makes heating this way efficient and affordable. Boucher Energy Systems, the preferred installer of the Hudson/Stow HeatSmart initiative was knowledgeable and professional. The system they installed for us saves us money while having less of an impact on the environment. We feel lucky to live in a community that provided us this opportunity." 
-Bob, Hudson

“We are very happy with our heat pump installation. We have both ducted and ductless systems enabling us to replace our old air conditioning system and our oil heat. The units are quiet and unobtrusive. Boucher's team provided great service...clean, courteous, and efficient.” 
-Rick, Stow

“I love my heat pumps!! I had to stretch to make it happen, and the 0% financing made the difference. I found a credit union that is part of the MVP program and they were great to deal with.  Not only did I get the $1,000 heat pump rebate from HLPD, I got $750 credit for the new water heater. And I got a rebate from the MVP contractor I used. Combined with the immediate savings of not having to pay for propane to heat my water or oil to heat my house, this ended up being a good investment.” 
-Sloan, Hudson