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Additional support for low- and moderate-income households

Additional incentives and support are available for households earning less than 120% of the state median income. Read on for more information—you'd be surprised at how high the eligibility threshold is!

Heat pumps: more affordable than you think

Some of the discussions at events and examples of heat pump projects may make it sound like you have to redo your entire heating/cooling system (or even tear up your yard) to get the benefits of a heat pump.

What if going all the way is out of your price range but you would would still like to have the comfort and efficiency of a heat pump? Or what if you are retired and on a fixed income?

Plenty of people have asked us the same questions—and there are good solutions that could meet your needs. For example, you can get a single ductless mini-split heat pump to provide heating and cooling to the space in your home where you and your family spend the most time. While you can get a lot of benefit out of heating and cooling your whole home with a heat pump, the first ductless mini-split in the largest zone of your home can actually give you the most bang for your buck: depending on the layout of your home a single heat pump could take over providing as much as 40-50% of your existing heating at lower cost and emissions.

You can get many of the energy saving and home comfort benefits of a heat pump for as little as $4,000 before incentives and the $1,000 bill credit from Hudson Light and Power, which will cover your electric bills for several months. You may also have the option to finance your heat pump at 0% interest over 7 years.

Read on for more details about extra incentives that can help you afford a heat pump.

Are there extra incentives available for low- and moderate-income households?

There are a range of incentives and rebates available to all HeatSmart participants, as described further here. An additional local grant for low- and moderate-income families is available to any household whose income falls within the 60-120% of state median income. Many people are surprised they qualify—take a look at the chart below that describes the income eligibility levels.

The local HeatSmart grants are for income-eligible families who sign a contract for a heat pump during the HeatSmart program. The first ten eligible families will receive a check for $300 when they sign a contract, to make getting a heat pump easier.

Income Thresholds by Household Size

Household Size 60% of State Median Income 120% of State Median Income
1 $35,510 $71,020
2 $46,437 $92,874
3 $57,363 $114,726
4 $68,289 $136,578
5 $79,215 $158,430


How can I demonstrate income eligibility?

Verification of income-eligibility for the local Hudson-Stow HeatSmart grant will be handled through MassCEC’s third party verifier at Please set up a user name and password and complete the simple on-line application that allows the verifier to check with the IRS about your income category. Copies of tax returns are not required in this application process. All information submitted will be kept strictly confidential, and no members of the Hudson-Stow team will have access to any information besides whether you qualify or do not qualify.

What if I am on fuel assistance and/or my income is below 60% of the state median income?

If you receive fuel assistance or believe your income is below the 60% State Median Income level, you may be eligible for no-cost energy upgrades to make your home more energy efficient through the South Middlesex Opportunity Council (SMOC). This can include free insulation, air sealing, lighting upgrades, appliance replacement, and potentially a heat pump.

Contact SMOC immediately at (508) 872-4853 to begin the eligibility process if your income is below 60% SMI.

Questions? Please email or contact Jeanette Millard, Hudson’s HeatSmart coach, at