Why should I consider switching to wood pellet heating?

My oil boiler has been working for me for years and my supplier is reliable. Why should I make the switch?

There are many reasons to reconsider your heating system, even if it has been running smoothly for years and you find no problems with the fuel supply.

We might suggest that COST is a first good reason to consider switching, but there is something more important than that. Your wood pellet heating device must work and the fuel supply has to be 100% reliable. Without reliability, the savings you might have or the added comfort you would experience is not relevant.

Wood pellet heating is reliable

The industry has matured considerably and in Massachusetts there are numerous device resellers (of products from U.S and Europe), pellet fuel suppliers and installers that provide after sales service.

Wood pellet heating is economical.

If you switch to heating with pellets, you are likely to save enough money each winter that your savings will recoup your initial investment over several years. Our calculations show that for an average home of 2,000 square feet, the payback period can be as low as 4 or 5 years, depending on what fuel you use to heat your home (read more about what kind of savings you can expect from switching to wood pellet heating here). Moreover, there are rebates available through the state, and you may be eligible for a 0% interest loan from the MassSAVE Heat Loan program (learn more about these programs here).

Wood pellet heating is comfortable.

If you are currently comfortable in your home or office with an oil or propane boiler, you won't lose any of that comfort by switching to wood pellet heating.

Wood pellet heating is good for everyone.

Climate change is an important problem the world is facing today. Space heating accounts for approximately 60% of household energy usage in the Northeast. Use of renewable heating technologies like wood pellet heating systems can help reduce your carbon emissions.